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How we started


In 2015, the TV show idea was born thru the courtesy of DJ Rick from Fishbowl Radio Network. His vision was to bring light to the marvelous Texas BBQ scene in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. There are over 317 BBQ restaurants in the DFW metroplex , and that doesn't even count the grill stands, food trucks, and countless snack bars on the outskirts of town.


TV Azteca Dallas 55 was the first to broadcast our show  We are grateful we were  on the network . Our dream became a reality ! 



2016 will be a launching pad of local flavors, stories, people, culture and BBQ pride like no other ! A new era of food shows is now born..... with a TEXAS twist. 

Join us for more exciting  food places as we continue to bring you the best places to eat in our state !


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Rick McNeely

Director & Host 

"DJ" Rick McNeely has been in the world of entertainment since the age of  12.  His early days started out as a musician,playing trumpet and bass guitar in middle school. He almost received a music scholarship in high school.  After graduation, Rick became a professional actor. Performing in major TV shows, movies and commercials.  In 2010, he got a job at Fishbowl Radio Network in Arlington , TX. Currently, he has a weekly show on Wednesdays @ 1pm CST.  It was during this time he came up with the TV show and the rest is history !


Rick is also a chef. He received his certificate in 2020 from World Chef Academy. He loves to cook and explores unique BBQ recipes as well as traditional American food dishes.


Do you know who the owner of National BBQ Day, Brisket Day and BBQ Ribs are owned and started by who else......... DJ Rick. The trend started when he created National Selfie Day in 2014. Yes, you can own and create a holiday . To date, Rick owns 14 different holidays. Find out which ones he's created by following the link below.



There you have it.

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