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More info about our episodes to come. We just started production Dec 26th 2015. Our first episode should be ready for broadcast by March/April 2016

Our first Episode is scheduled for April 2, 2016 .


All shows come on @ 1:30 a.m. Saturday Nights on

Channel 55 TV Azteca


EPISODE #1 - Backyard BBQ 4/2/16

Episode #2- Hicks BBQ 4/9/16

Episode #3 - Longoria's BBQ 4/16/16

Episode #4  - Hicks BBQ  4/23/19

Episode #5- Hicks BBQ 5/7/16

Episode #6-  Kings Street BBQ 5/14/16

Episode #7- Hicks BBQ 5/21/16

Episode # 8- Kings Street BBQ 5/28/16

Episode # 9- Longoria's BBQ  6/4/16

Episode #10 Hung's BBQ  6/11/16

7/23/16 Longorias BBQ

7/30/16Hung's Street Grill

*** Subject to change ***

ALL of our episodes have been seen on Dallas

area TV channel 55 TV Azteca. We will feature our Fall/ Winter shows on air as well.

Please check our website for listings.

Our Christmas episode will be on Sat 12-24-16

@ 12:30 pm.  That will round out our year.

New episodes are filming for 2017

Check channel 55 TV Azteca and our YouTube channel as we start a new year.  See you in 2017

                             2017 season

All of our new episodes will be released on YouTube first, then we will give you the dates and times for TV Azteca Dallas.

Hot Grills Promo Video

Longoria's BBQ pt 1

Longoria's BBQ pt 2

King's Street BBQ part 2

Hung's Asian BBQ part 1

Hung's Asian BBQ part 2

Hicks BBQ part 1

Hicks BBQ part 2

Backyard BBQ part 1


( our first episode)

Backyard BBQ part 2

Hicks BBQ part 1

Stix BBQ part 1

Stix BBQ part 2

Second Season HGOT        2017

El Ranchito pt 1

El Ranchito pt 2

Tastebud's BBQ Pt 1

Tastebud's BBQ Pt 2

BBQ Pizza pt 1

BBQ Pizza

pt 2

"Eat My Meat"        Promo

Smokey's BBQ Part 1

Smokey's BBQ Part 2


Slab BBQ

Austin TX 

Terry Black's  BBQ Austin TX

Uncle Billy's 

BBQ Austin TX

Third Season 2018

Rodeo Wings 

Ft Worth TX

Jambo's BBQ Arlington TX

Smokey Mae's BBQ

Whole Soul Food 

Ellis Co. BBQ

Cokers BBQ

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