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We are still in production with our second season. As promised, we are still filming  those delicious Texas BBQ restaurants. Stay tuned for more information !!!

King's Street BBQ 

Ft Worth TX

Demo Reel about HGOT with bloopers.

Have fun watching the clip.

Road Trip 2017. We got a trailer from our Austin TX  BBQ Tour.

I can't wait to put them together for our Fall season.

Delicious BBQ from the wonderful Longoria's BBQ in Everman TX. All three were good!

This episode was the first time HGOT went LIVE !!!

Longoria's BBQ ,Everman TX

UPDATE for 2017& 2018 season

2019 and 2020

We have many new and exciting things going on with the show.

More Facebook live events and....... a BBQ sauce  !!!

Hot Grills Of Texas is now featured on ROKU TV !!!

As of 08-01-2020.

More info coming !

NEW UPDATE **** 07-2021

TV Azteca Dallas is under a different format. We wish them well and thank them for having us on air for many years. 

Hot Grills Of Texas will now be a podcast !!!! Yes, we have entered the podcasting world as of this month. The first live episode will be  July 17th Sat 3 pm.  Info is on the podcast tab on the website.


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