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Hello everyone  !!! Starting July 2021, we are now doing podcast for our show . 

Location : Crockett Hall in the 7th street district Ft Worth TX.

We are excited  !!!!

Crockett Street


3000 Crockett St 
Ft. Worth TX


Where- Crockett Hall 3000 Crockett St Ft. Worth TX

When-  Sat  July 17th

Time-    3 pm-4 pm

Join us as we open up a new chapter for the show. This time, we are going with the biggest live audience we've ever had. There will be lots of food and fun ! Stop by and say HI ! 

We will be streaming on YouTube

link ------>     

There will be a chance that YOU can be on the show as well.......... YES ! Stay tuned for more info !

215578356_385175093026062_3250244061891772712_n (1).jpg

Clayton's Grill provided us with a great meal selection for our first podcast!

Thank you.

2022 Podcast Update:

We are doing more episodes and getting back to filming.

Covid  19 really put us back,
But we are going forward as 
best as we can. 

Here are a few new micro episodes for you .

Kung Fu Saloon Pt.1

Kung FU Saloon Pt 2

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